Ambassador Jones Praises IHEC’s Work and Condemns the Targeting of IHEC Workers by Da’esh

U.S. Ambassador Stuart Jones and U.S. Embassy staff met September 3 with Mr. Sarbast Rashid Mustafa, the Chairman of the Independent Higher Electoral Commission (IHEC), to discuss the ongoing work of IHEC and to commemorate eleven years of U.S. partnership with IHEC.

The Ambassador praised the courage and service of IHEC employees, noting that they have repeatedly risked their lives to guarantee the rights of all Iraqis to choose their government in a free and transparent process. He also condemned the targeted killing of more than three hundred former IHEC employees by Da’esh in Ninewa province, stating this represented once again the barbaric and inhumane lengths that Da’esh will go to intimidate local populations and prevent Iraqis from exercising their democratic right to elect their leaders.

The United States has consistently emphasized to Iraqi officials from across the political spectrum the importance for elections to take place on time and has fully supported the independence of IHEC as defined in the Iraqi constitution.