Ambassador Jones Praises Iraqi Police, Thanks Italian Carabinieri Trainers

On December 7, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones attended a graduation ceremony to honor the 125 Iraqi local police who recently completed a two-month training course conducted by the Italian Carabinieri that focused on addressing the various challenges of law enforcement in liberated areas.  In his remarks, Ambassador Jones praised the officers, stating, “Your commitment to your country and the people of Iraq is an inspiration to me, and I have no doubt that you will contribute to stability, peace, and economic growth in Iraq.”  He also commended H.E. Mohamed Ghaban, Minister for Interior for the his vision in seeking training for the National Police Force from the International Coalition Against Da’esh.

Ambassador Jones also thanked Coalition partner Italy and the guest of honor, Carabinieri General Commander Lieutenant General Tullio Del Sette, for “bringing one of the finest police forces in the world to train the Iraqi police.” Today’s graduation highlighted the ongoing cooperation between Iraqi forces and the U.S.-led Coalition in the campaign to degrade and ultimately defeat Da’esh.