Ambassador Stuart Jones Announces Increase in U.S. Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq

Today in Baghdad, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Stuart E. Jones announced that the United States is providing more than $56 million in additional humanitarian assistance to Iraqis who have been affected by violence created by Da’esh inside Iraq. The Ambassador noted that the new funding brings total U.S. humanitarian assistance for the Iraq humanitarian response to nearly $534 million since 2014. The Ambassador also stated that the United States is the leading provider of humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people.

Discussing the increase in U.S. humanitarian assistance, the Ambassador remarked that,

“As we have led the Coalition fight against Da’esh, the United States also has been a leading provider of humanitarian relief to Iraqis affected by violence and in urgent need of assistance from the international community.”

According to Ambassador Jones, this funding aims to assist millions of Iraqi civilians affected by the conflict, including nearly 3.2 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 370,000 Iraqi refugees who have fled their homes since January 2014. He further specified that the U.S. government assistance supports clinics and mobile teams that provide medical care to displaced persons, voucher programs that allow IDPs to purchase basic supplies and food parcels, and hygiene promotion activities and sanitation infrastructure programs in IDP camps and communities. He also mentioned that with winter approaching, U.S. government partners are now working to increase support to displaced families throughout Iraq by providing blankets, clothing and other basic household supplies.

At the Press Conference, the Ambassador also introduced the new Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve (CJFT-OIR) Commanding General Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland and CJTF-OIR Spokesperson, Colonel Steve Warren.