Consul General Basrah Visit to Muthanna

On January 23, Consul General Win Dayton enjoyed the hospitality and generosity of Muthanna province. During meetings with Governor Dr. Faleh Abdul Hassan al-Zaiyadi and First Deputy Provincial Council Chairman Mohammed Hissoni and other Council members, Consul General Dayton discussed investment, security, and education issues. They also discussed the success of USAID’s Taqadum program, which helps the Government of Muthanna improve service delivery to its citizens. The Consul General then had the opportunity to meet with local students and to give their schools a donation from the U.S. Consulate General of 100 backpacks. A lunch with members of the Businessmen’s Union highlighted the security and stability of Muthanna province, and business opportunities available to investors. At a reception with women’s NGOs that are helping IDPs and widows of valiant Hash’d al-Shabi fighters support their families with job-skills training, the Consul General was surprised with a wonderful hand-made tapestry, commemorating his first visit to Muthanna province.