Demonstration Alert – U.S. Embassy Baghdad, Iraq (October 3, 2019)

Location:  Baghdad and other major cities, with the exception of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Event:  Demonstrations have occurred throughout the week and are ongoing.  Although large, these are both sporadic and spontaneous.  Per local reports, several people have been killed and hundreds injured in the demonstrations.  Internet access was suspended in most of the country.  As of dawn on Thursday, October 3, the Iraqi government has imposed a curfew in Baghdad, barring both pedestrian and vehicle traffic throughout the city with the exception of emergency services and travel to Baghdad Airport.  Provincial governors have the option to impose a similar curfew in their provinces.  Therefore, routine consular services are suspended until the curfew is lifted.  Applicants should reschedule via the Embassy Web site.  The Embassy is staffed for emergency calls, although the section’s ability to respond continues to be limited due to the security situation.

Actions to Take:

  • Per the May 2019 travel advisory, do not travel to Iraq
  • Avoid areas of demonstrations
  • Comply with directives from authorities
  • Monitor local media for updates