Alumni Advisory Council

Join an Alumni Advisory Council!

Are you interested in a leadership role in the Iraq alumni community? If you haven’t joined already, the Cultural Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad encourages you to join one of our Alumni Advisory Councils.

The Alumni Advisory Councils are made up of Iraqi nationals who have participated in a U.S. government exchange program. The purpose of the council is to lead the development of programs and activities to strengthen the alumni network in Iraq, to be a primary point of contact for the U.S. Embassy on a range of program topics, and to work with the Cultural Affairs Office on educational and cultural exchange projects.

The Alumni Advisory Councils meet periodically throughout the year.  Committees of the Council will also meet on an as-needed basis. Participation in the Council is voluntary and is not a paid position, and seeks to benefit the Iraqi alumni community and promote a long-term relationship of cooperation and friendship between Iraq and the United States.

If you are interested in being part of an Alumni Advisory Council, please email the information below to:

  • First name:
  • Last name:
  • Exchange Program:
  • Year:
  • Mobile:
  • Email:
  • Province/city:
  • Current profession:

Please also indicate which of the six councils you would like to join:

  1. Youth Engagement and Education
  2. Economics and Business
  3. Arts and Culture
  4. Human Rights and Civil Society & Rule of Law
  5. Environment, Science and Health
  6. Media and Information Technology

We look forward to having you join us!