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Embassy Statement on the Upcoming Tishreen Protest Anniversary
September 28, 2022

Iraq Mission Seal (medium)

As we approach the three-year anniversary of the 2019 Tishreen protest movement and after nearly a year of protracted government formation since early elections, the United States expresses solidarity with the Iraqi people and their search for democratic reform.  We are concerned that, despite months of internal negotiations, Iraq remains without a government that can effectively address the governance and economic grievances that fueled the Tishreen protest movement, which in turn prompted early elections. 

The road to reform cannot be paved with violence.  Recent clashes and episodes of violence should not recur.  The only legitimate way to achieve reform and form a government responsive to the needs of the people is through constructive and inclusive dialogue.   

We urge all parties to engage in a peaceful and inclusive process with the aim of establishing a government that can improve services, create jobs, cultivate national unity, and make the political system work better for all Iraqis. 

Ultimately, this is an Iraqi affair.  How to resolve this political impasse is for Iraqis and only Iraqis to decide.  But as friends, we urge all Iraqi parties to respect the institutions of the state and allow them to function – and to address peacefully and effectively the call for reform of the system so that it is truly accountable to the Iraqi people.