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International Narcotics & Law (INL) in Iraq

International Narcotics & Law Enforcement (INL) runs programs in the areas of police training, rule of law, corrections development and anti-corruption.

Police & Civilian Security Forces Development

INL assists the Government of Iraq and U.S. Central Command’s Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT) in professionalizing civil law enforcement institutions and the Iraqi Police Service to the point they can effectively maintain order in a manner that is consistent with international policing and human rights standards.  To this end, we provide International Police Advisors and experts in civilian law enforcement to help advise, train, and mentor the Iraqi Police Service, Ministry of Interior, and Department of Border Enforcement.  INL also funds and supports the Major Crimes Task Force, a U.S. government interagency task force that advises specially vetted Iraqi police on the investigation of high-profile crimes.

Rule of Law Program

INL’s Rule of Law Programs help the Government of Iraq establish a criminal justice system that is sufficiently effective and fair that Iraqi citizens will turn to it, rather than violent militias and other “alternative” forms of justice, to resolve disputes and seek justice.  These programs include training of judges, judicial investigators and other court staff; the creation of a Judicial Protective Service modeled on the U.S. Marshals Service; the development of policies, procedures, and technology for tracking defendants through the criminal justice system; and legislative drafting assistance for laws pertaining to the judiciary and the criminal codes.  In addition, INL and our interagency partners provide legal and rule of law advisors to Provincial Reconstruction Teams who help design and manage INL projects and who advise and mentor Iraqi justice officials.

Corrections Development

INL’s assistance helps the Iraqi Corrections Service (ICS) with developing its capacities to operate a rapidly expanding prison system in a safe, secure, and humane manner that conforms to internationally accepted standards for the treatment of prisoners.  To accomplish this goal INL, in coordination with interagency partners, provides corrections advisors and trainers who deliver training and mentoring to the newly established Iraqi Corrections Service under the Ministry of Justice.  We are also constructing/expanding prisons in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help house the growing number of prisoners being processed into the system.

Anti-Corruption Programs

INL provides advisors who train and mentor investigators of Iraq’s Commission on Public Integrity, with efforts focusing on improving the investigators’ skills in forensics and crime scene investigations.  INL has also funded efforts to improve the Government of Iraq’s auditing capabilities, and to automate government payroll systems to improve accountability and limit corruption.  Please see also the Anti-Corruption Coordination Office (ACCO)