New Public Affairs Officer Kim Strollo Visits IKR

Summer is our transition season, and we’ll soon be welcoming our new Public Affairs Officer Kim Strollo! She stopped by for a week in June to meet some of our key contacts in Erbil and Sulaimani, and is really looking forward to meeting all of you when she returns! While here, she was able to visit the Citadel and #Kurdish Textile Museum, the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage, the American Corner at the University of #Kurdistan Hewler, as well as the Metro Center for media freedom, the American University of Iraq – Sulaimani and the American Corner at the University of Sulaimani. She met with Kurdish and western journalists and social media experts, many of our exchange program alumni, the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, and many others! What do you think Kim needs to know about the Iraqi Kurdistan Region? Do you have a favorite book you can recommend for her to read before she arrives permanently next month.