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Political Affairs Section

Embassy Baghdad’s Political Section aims to advance U.S. goals with respect to Iraq’s internal political situation and its political relations with other countries, through its work with Iraqi central and local government officials, NGOs, local organizations, and the diplomatic community in Iraq.

The section is responsible for keeping the Ambassador and leadership in Washington informed about the wide range of Iraqi political issues, including domestic politics, internal boundaries, external relations, human rights and religious freedom, and women’s issues.

The political section is also responsible for the provincial coordination cell, which ensures continued engagement and outreach in Iraqi provinces where we do not have a diplomatic presence.  The provincial coordination cell employs Iraqi Cultural Advisors in each province.

Internal Affairs is responsible for monitoring and reporting on domestic Iraqi political developments at the national level. The internal section is responsible for meeting with the Iraqi Council of Representatives, civil society, political leaders, and local government to inform U.S. policy makers about the ideas and opinions of Iraqis.

External Affairs covers Iraq’s international relations and is focused on coordinating with Iraqi foreign policy bodies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to strengthen the strategic alliance between Iraq and the United States.

Democracy, Rights, and Labor (DRL) is responsible for writing annual reports on Iraq’s human rights, religious freedom, and trafficking in persons reports. It also manages a multi-million dollar grant programs focused on women’s empowerment and democracy strengthening programs throughout Iraq.