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November 28, 2023

Release of the Financial Investigations Procedures Handbook for Iraq

Ambassador Romanowski’s Statement
Release of the Financial Investigations Procedures Handbook for Iraq

In collaboration with the Iraqi Government and the United Nations Development Program, the U.S. Embassy announces the publication of a Criminal Financial Investigations Procedures Handbook for Iraq.  Successful financial investigations prevent many types of criminal activity, including terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, bribery, and corruption.  This handbook highlights the interconnectivity needed to combat financial crime, and guides offices through the collaborative process to bring these criminals to justice.  The U.S. Department of State funded this manual, and its publication is the result of partnership among the United Nations Development Program in Iraq, the Iraqi judiciary, and the Government of Iraq’s anti-corruption, finance, and law enforcement leaders.  Thank you to Iraq’s judicial, financial, and law enforcement leadership who contributed to the publication of this important handbook.

Coordination and collaboration are the keys to effective financial investigations.  As one element of the U.S.-Iraq 360-degree partnership, the United States and Iraq must work together to stop criminals who exploit gaps in financial systems to fund their illicit and illegal activities.  This manual will guide Iraqi investigative judges and financial investigators to prevent the funding of criminal enterprises and to thwart any efforts to profit from crime.