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Standardized Tests

Each U.S. college or university has its own requirements for admission, including standardized tests that all students take as part of the admissions process.  You will take these tests in English at an official testing center.  The official test scores must be sent to each of the universities you are applying to.  Not all universities will require these tests, so be sure to read their websites carefully.

You will pay a fee to take the test – and you will be able to send official test scores to four universities for free.  If you need to send test scores to more than four universities, you will have to pay a fee to the testing company for the additional reports.

TOEFL Official Test

The Test of English as a Foreign Language will measure your English language skills.  Currently in Iraq, the TOEFL test is available in a Paper-based Test (PBT) and an Internet-based (iBT) format.  The two tests are different, so you should study for the type of test you will take.

The Paper-based Test is offered in more cities in Iraq, but it is only offered 5 to 6 times per year.  It can take two months to receive the official test scores.  The Paper-based Test will evaluate your skills in listening, reading and writing.  Free practice resources and preparation tests can be found at the ETS website.

The Internet-based Test is offered several times each month, but at fewer locations.  However, the official test scores will be available to you in about three weeks.  The Internet-based Test will evaluate your skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Free practice resources, software and preparation tests can be found at the ETS website.

To find a testing location near you and information about how to register, please visit the ETS website.


The Scholastic Assessment Test measures a student’s verbal, mathematical and writing skills.  There is a general SAT test that most students are required to take and several different SAT Subject tests such as English, Mathematics, Sciences, History, and Languages that will be required for specific fields of study.

Many universities require or recommend the SAT test as part of the admission criteria, but not all schools require the scores.  Check the university website carefully.  However, the SAT is only available in Baghdad and Erbil through AMIDEAST at this time.  So, email to the universities where you are applying to confirm that they require the SAT.

There are official testing centers in Baghdad and Erbil, and tests are given about six times per year.  Go here for free, practice resources and preparation tests. 

For information about test dates and how to register for the test, visit the College Board website or AMIDEAST.