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Timeline – Grade 11


  • Start searching for U.S. universities and colleges using the Internet, software and reference books.
  • Contact the Education Adviser at U.S. Embassy Baghdad for advice.  BaghdadEducationAdv@state.gov
  • Go to the ETS website to take a TOEFL practice test.


  • Continue studying English, using the resources at the ETS website or books that you buy.
  • Continue searching online for U.S. universities and colleges.
  • Get the dates for possible college fairs.  Attend with your mother and father.  Ask questions.


  • Ask teachers and counselors at your school for advice.  Ask people who have studied in the United States for their advice.
  • Continue your online research.  Consider things like: field of study, quality of the institution, the ease of admission, location, size, cost, availability of financial aid, housing, and international student services.
  • Email to colleges and universities to request information and applications.  Most applications are available online.
  • Be consistent in the spelling of your full name.  Use your official name – the name on your passport or your identification card from the Government of Iraq.
  • Continue studying English.


  • Visit the College Board website to get more information about SAT Reasoning Test and review the test format and questions.
  • Take an online SAT Reasoning Test to build your test-taking skills.
  • Continue your online research.  You will become more knowledgeable about application requirements, procedures and costs.  Learn what colleges and universities are looking for in a candidate.  List the institutions that interest you most.
  • Continue studying English.


  • Review all the college and university materials you have been collecting.  Begin to narrow your list from the Top 25 to the Top 10 schools you are interested in.
  • Discuss this list with your family, school counselor and trusted advisers.  Remember that you will have to pay an application fee to each university, so you want to narrow your search to only those schools you are most interested in.
  • Consider at least one “safe” choice, especially if you are applying to highly selective colleges and universities.
  • Continue studying and preparing for the SAT tests.
  • Continue studying English.


  • Register for the SAT Reasoning Test.
  • Register for the SAT Subject Tests, if needed for your applications.
  • Study for the SAT tests.
  • Talk to your family about how you will pay for your studies – tuition and fees, living expenses, food, transportation, etc.
  • Search online for information about financial assistance for international students.
  • Check out the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq (HCED) scholarship program for Iraqi students to see if you qualify.
  • Continue studying English.


  • Register for the TOEFL test.
  • Continue studying English.
  • Continue studying for the SAT tests.
  • Keep visiting university websites to become more familiar with the universities that are your top choices.


  • Continue studying English.
  • Continue studying for the SAT tests.


  • Take the SAT Reasoning Test.
  • Start to think about the 2 or 3 people you want to ask to write letters of recommendation.  You will send these letters to the universities where you will apply.


  • Continue studying English.  Look for opportunities to improve your English language skills.
  • Visit U.S. university campuses during the summer, if you are able.