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U.S. Ambassador Visits a Peshmerga Supply Warehouse in Erbil
September 16, 2020

Man speaking at podium with onlookers and military vehicles in the background.

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller visited Erbil today and toured a Peshmerga supply warehouse and met with Minister of Peshmerga Shorsh Ismail. At the event Ambassador Tueller said: “As we saw at the height of the campaign against ISIS, you brave Peshmerga fighters are indispensable to Iraq’s security. We are all grateful for the sacrifices you have made, and the region as a whole is more secure because of your courage and commitment.” The U.S. has committed almost $250 million dollars in security assistance through this facility, in vehicles, radios, training and maintenance assistance. This continued assistance is one of the most visible and lasting symbols of the U.S. commitment to the people of Iraq and the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.