U.S. Embassy Commends Operation Free Sinjar

The U.S. Embassy commends Iraq, the Kurdish Regional Government and the Peshmerga for the successful liberation of Sinjar, and also would like to note the important medevac support role that the Iraqi military played in Operation Free Sinjar. The United States and the Coalition are proud of our partnership with the Iraqi Security Forces, including the Peshmerga and the role that Coalition airstrikes, training, and equipment have played in Sinjar and other areas of Iraq.

In support of Operation Free Sinjar, the U.S-led Coalition conducted 54 strikes since November 11, and nearly 300 over the past month across northern Iraq.  Coalition airstrikes destroyed VBIEDs, Da’esh-controlled buildings, weapons caches, vehicles, equipment, fighting positions, and staging areas. Additionally, Coalition-provided training and equipment proved essential to the Peshmerga-led operations in Sinjar.

“The liberation of Sinjar is important because it severs the main transportation link between Al-Raqqa and Mosul and will restrict Da’esh’s ability to move fighters, supplies, and equipment between these two hubs,” said Colonel Steve Warren, the Coalition military spokesperson. “Working in tandem with Iraqi forces, we continue to degrade and defeat Da’esh throughout the country, including in Sinjar, Bayji, and Ramadi.”