U.S. Embassy Condemns Da’esh’s Suicide Bombings in Baghdad and Samawa

The U.S. Embassy deplores and condemns Da’esh’s horrific suicide bombings in Baghdad on April 30 and in Samawa on May 1, which killed scores of men, women and children and injured many more.

The attack in Baghdad on Shia pilgrims walking to the shrine of Imam Musa Kadhim for an annual commemoration demonstrates a disregard for human life and disdain for Iraqis’ rights to gather to express their religious beliefs.  Da’esh’s bombing in Samawa was equally shocking; these two recent attacks represent a concerted effort on the part of violent extremists to undermine Iraqi unity and provoke sectarian conflict.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those killed and wounded.

The U.S. Embassy joins others in the international community, including the UN, in urging Iraqis to work together and with the International Coalition to defeat Da’esh and prevent it from carrying out further acts of violence against the Iraqi people.