U.S. Embassy Statement on April 30 Protests

The United States expresses its concern over the April 30 protests inside the Council of Representatives premises, which included property damage and violence against some individuals.  While we recognize the right to peaceful protest, the United States joins the UN and the EU in urging restraint and respect for constitutional institutions and respect for the rights of others.  We now urge the Iraqi government, all political leaders, security officials, and civil society representatives to work together to restore security and move the political and economic reform process forward.  Da’esh remains a determined enemy and continues to carry out deadly attacks throughout the country, including in Baghdad.  We also urge all parties to come together to defeat Da’esh and also to support the aspirations of the Iraqi people for transparent governance, economic stability, and physical security.  The United States remains a committed partner of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people in all fields as outlined on our Strategic Framework Agreement.