U.S. Embassy Statement on Continued Humanitarian Assistance for Iraqi IDPs

The United States remains committed to supporting the humanitarian needs of Iraqis as a result of the ongoing war against Da’esh. Since 2014, the United States has given more than $1 billion in humanitarian assistance to help the Iraqi people rebuild their communities, return to their homes, and get back to their lives.

U.S.–funded demining teams have cleared over 582,000 square meters in Iraq, removing over 21,000 kg of explosive material from areas liberated from Da’esh, including at Anbar University in Ramadi. In Tikrit, U.S.-funded demining efforts supported the return of 175,000 people to their homes.

U.S. support is by no means limited to demining efforts. in July, over 65,000 newly displaced individuals received kits containing 6.4 kilograms of food, 12 liters of bottled drinking water, a reusable water container, and a hygiene kit. Between March and September, U.S. support enabled the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to distribute emergency relief supplies to more than 115,000 IDPs. In Tikrit, the U.S. has contributed $6.3 million to rebuild schools, water-treatment facilities, power stations, and to provide employment.

In preparation for the upcoming Iraqi operation to liberate Mosul, the United States pledged an additional $181 million in humanitarian assistance to provide food, water and other relief items for Iraqis displaced from the city. The new funding provides displaced people with emergency shelter, basic health care, including maternal and child health-care services, and access to social-support services. This money will provides essential water, sanitation, and hygiene services, with the goal of assisting more than 400,000 Iraqis with safe drinking water.

All our assistance is coordinated with the Government of Iraq through the UN and other international organizations. The U.S. will continue to support a sovereign, prosperous, unified and democratic Iraq that serves the aspirations of all Iraqis.