USAID Mission Director Visits Basrah

two delegates talkingOn December 7-9, U.S. Consulate General Basrah welcomed USAID Iraq Mission Director Brooke Isham for her first official visit to southern Iraq. While in Basrah, Dr. Isham paid a call on Provincial Council Chairman Sabah Al-Bazouni to highlight the U.S. Government’s commitment to economic development and good governance in southern Iraq.

USAID is supporting development in southern Iraq through three projects. Taqadum is a service delivery project aimed at strengthening governance and supporting decentralization. USAID also funds Tarabot, an administrative reform project which provides technical assistance to Basrah Governorate to improve procurement processes. Tarabot also provides assistance to South Oil Company and South Refinery Company. Finally, the Middle East North Africa Investment Initiative (MENA II) provides grant money to Shell Foundation with the aim of facilitating early stage business investment in southern Iraq.

More information on USAID’s Taqadum, and Tarabot programs can be found at the following links: and