USG trains Southern Refinery Company in Project Management

Brian ShelbournRemarks by Brian Shelbourn – Economic Officer – U.S. Consulate Basrah

Your Excellency Director General Mahmood Abd al- Ameer Hashim,
Tarabot Sub-Committee and Project Management Department Head

Mr. Ibrahim Abd Al Zahra,

Head of Information and Primavera Section Mr. Fadi Salem,

Head of Cost Estimation Section Mr. Tahseen Ali Ahmed,

Distinguished SRC Project Managers and other Colleagues,

Tarabot’s Chief of Party Mr. Shabaro, and other USAID Tarabot colleagues;

Ladies and Gentlemen;

  • Good morning, SaBah al-khayr.
  • Thank you, your Excellency DG Mahmood Abd al-Ameer Hashim, for your strong partnership and support in organizing this joint USAID Tarabot – South Refineries Company Project Management Event. It is a pleasure to be here today to represent the United States Consulate General in Basrah.
  • The U.S. Mission in Iraq, through the U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, has consistently partnered with the Government of Iraq to promote responsible governance, administrative decentralization, and policy development.  In this context, the USAID Administrative Reform Project, also known as Tarabot, has assisted you and many other partners in the area of project management.
  • Projects of any size and form require trained, professional managers, and standardized systems.  Managing complex oil capital projects presents particular challenges and opportunities.
  • To respond to current Iraqi needs, it is critical to improve organizational capacity and infrastructure for project management, and to ensure that more Iraqi professionals have relevant expertise in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing out successful projects.
  • During the past year USAID’s Tarabot project has been working with the South Refineries Company and other Ministry of Oil state companies to improve capacity in the area of project management, especially related to cost estimation and scheduling. We are proud of what you have accomplished in just one year.
  • I would like to congratulate to you for significantly improving your institutional capacity and for establishing three new structures within your project management department.
  • I was informed that you have already achieved progress by using new software and project management systems.

a) – For example, by adopting Primavera software you have already started to achieve better project control with 10% savings in cost, 5% savings in time and better tracking of projects’ implementation.

b) – Through Cost Estimation you have begun to reduce time to develop cost reports by approximately 30%. You also have better tools to prepare cost estimates that are at least 15% more accurate in comparison to previous estimates. Considering size of oil projects, you will be able to achieve significant savings.

c) – I am sure that you will continue to further improve your project management work, and that some of you will become successful in being PMI certified project managers.

  • With new project management techniques, you will be effective in implementing your projects with lower risk of deviation from planned schedules and budgets, and help SRC to keep pace and compete with international oil companies, while also being effective in completing successful projects.
  • You will also contribute more effectively to better manage and use public funds, and increase revenues critical for providing better services and improving quality of life of Iraqi citizens.
  • I am pleased that USG support is helping you to modernize Iraqi institutions that will better serve the Iraqi people and yield positive dividends for years to come.
  • I wish once again to thank SRC for your exceptional partnership and commitment to reform your project management systems and practices. We are confident that you will all continue to modernize the oil sector.

Thank you, Shukran Jazeelan!